A to Z–Book by Book Scripture Memorization–Jude 1:20-21

This Week’s Memory Verse:  Jude 1:20-21 NKJV
But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith,
praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God,
looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

This Week’s Message:
In this Week’s Memory Verse Jude is speaking to believers, reminding them to remain in the true faith of which they had first been taught because, he is saying, False Teachers have crept in among them, people who are not true believers, but who say they are, and who are causing many to go astray from the truth.

In this week’s verse Jude is telling true believers to build themselves up
(strengthen their belief in order to stand strong) in the most holy faith (the true faith of which they had first been taught).

He is telling them to:

  • pray in the Holy Spirit
    (praying in the Spirit strengthens and uplifts believers–it is also an effective tool in warfare)
  • keep themselves in the love of God
    ( stay true to the One True God, be obedient to Him, read His word, follow His teaching, so as not be led astray by false teaching)
  • look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life
    (look for the return of Christ who is our Savior and soon coming King in whom we have the hope of eternal life)
    (Please take note—Jude is speaking of the Trinity here–Holy Spirit, God, Jesus Christ.)

So, this week let’s memorize this verse as a reminder to ourselves, as true believers, of what we should be doing daily.

If you would like you can Print the verse out in a card format to post to your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car visor, or other place that would keep it in your daily vision.
It will help to remind you to memorize it as you go through your day and also could be a great tool in sharing with others who might.

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Scripture Memorization: Spiritual Blessing–Citizenship

This Week’s Scripture:
Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, Ephesians 2:19 NKJV
Citizenship of Heaven--Ephesians 2:19 and Philippians 3:20This Week’s Message:
Believers, we need to memorize this verse to remind ourselves daily who we are and where our citizenship is!

  • In Christ our citizenship is in heaven.
  • In Christ we are fellow citizens with all other believers.
  • In Christ we are members of God’s household!
  • In Christ we belong to the family of God!

Let’s praise and give thanks daily that we are in this world but not of this world, for our real citizenship is in heaven with God!

Blessings to you as you memorize this wonderful, encouraging verse!

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Nuggets of Truth–Scripture Memory Verse–R

Gold Letter RThis Week’s Memory Verse:
Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice. Philippians 4:4 NKJV

This Week’s Message:
Rejoice in the Lord always, no matter what your present circumstances, you can be exceedingly glad and joyful that you know the Lord and that He knows you.
When Paul wrote this he was in prison, chained to a Roman soldier, living in dire circumstances, yet he was rejoicing because he knew the Lord.

Let’s memorize this short verse to remind ourselves to rejoice in the Lord always, no matter what we might be facing.

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This Week’s Memory Verse on: PURPOSE

A Precious Promise about: PURPOSE
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (NKJV)

This Week’s Message:
Believers,we love God. He has called us to do good works according to His purpose. Therefore, He promises us that He will work ALL things together for good in our lives in order to accomplish the purpose to which He has called us.
Therefore, when things don’t work out exactly as planned, remember this verse and know that God will work out whatever we need in life to accomplish His purpose for us.

Satan, the world, or even our own flesh, might mess things up, but God can and will always work things out to accomplish His purpose.
Therefore, memorize this verse and remind yourself daily, that God is always at work, in you, around you and through you, to accomplish His purpose for your life.

Just love Him and praise Him daily, for who He is!
Blessings to you daily.
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A Precious Promise about HOPE

This Week’s Memory Verse:
A Precious Promise: about HOPE
Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.  Hebrews 10:23 NKJV

This Week’s Message:
Believers, this verse promises us that God is faithful. It promises us that He will not fail us–ever!
Therefore, we must always cling to hope. God is Hope. He is faithful. His promises never fail.

Memorize this verse to remind yourself daily to always hold fast to the hope that is within you, never waver in your belief and trust, for God is faithful!
He never leaves us nor forsakes us! His will, plan and purpose for us will endure to the end.  Never give up! Hope and trust in Him always!

Blessings to you as you memorize and walk in His word–the truth!

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