smiley faceA Day on the Golf Course”

It’s a beautiful day and three men go golfing.

The first guy, Moses, steps up to the tee and hits the ball which lands smack in the middle of the lake.
Moses goes over to the lake, touches his gold club to the water, the waters part, and he walks up to it and hits it out.
The ball lands 10 feet away from the hole.
Satisfied, he steps back and lets the next man, Jesus, go.

He also goes up to the tee, hits the ball, and watches as it lands on a lily pad in near the center of the lake.
Jesus then goes to the lake, walks across the surface of the water, hits the ball out, and it lands 2 feet from the hole.
Happy, he walks over to stand with Moses.

Next the last person steps up, hits the ball, and watches as it heads right for the lake as well.
However, before it hits the surface somehow a frog manages to swallow it, followed by a large bird swooping down and grabbing the frog in it’s beak, flying away with it.
Terrified, the frog spits out the ball as they pass over the roof of a nearby house, the ball goes into the rain gutter then trails back out into the field, headed straight for the hole, and….He gets a hole in one!

Moses then turns to Jesus and says:
“Do you always have to bring your Dad golfing with us?”

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