A to Z–Book by Book Scripture Memorization–Haggai 1;5 and 1:7

This Week’s Memory Verses: Haggai 1:5 and 1:7 NKJV
Now therefore, thus says the LORD of hosts: “Consider your ways!
Thus says the LORD of hosts: “Consider your ways!

This Week’s Message:
This week we have two verses to memorize, but they are very short, very much the same, and very important, because when the LORD says something more than once, it is wise to take notice!

In these verses we hear the LORD of hosts speaking to the Jews who had returned to their land after their exile in Babylon. Right after they returned they had begun work to rebuild the Temple that had been destroyed, however, after sixteen years they had not completed the work because they had been letting their personal affairs interfere with doing God’s work.
They had been putting off working, saying it wasn’t the right time, that they would do it later, etc. But now, the time came that the LORD began to sternly remind them thru the prophet Haggai that they needed to start putting God’s work first and finish what they had started.

These verses are a good reminder to us believers, in that Jesus left us with a job to do also. In Mark 16:15 Jesus said: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”
This has often been called “The Great Commission” to believers. Perhaps it is time for us to “Consider our ways”. Have we been sharing the gospel as we should or have we been putting it off for a “better time”?  Have we said ” I will speak to so and so about Christ, but now is just not the right time to do so.” ? If so, we need to stop and  “Consider our ways” and begin doing the LORD’s work as we have been told.

Memorize this verse as a reminder to yourself daily to share the gospel with all you meet. Let’s busy ourselves with building the LORD’s Kingdom daily, for this is the most important work we can do!

If you would like you can Print the verse out in a card format to post to your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car visor, or other place that would keep it in your daily vision.
It will help to remind you to memorize it as you go through your day and also could be a great tool in sharing with others who might see it.

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