A to Z Book by Book Scripture Memorization–1Kings 18:39

This Week’s Memory Verse:
The LORD He is the God, the LORD He is the God. 1Kings 18:39 KJV

This Week’s Message:
I chose this verse for us to memorize this week as a praise and worship verse, it is kind of a cheer leading chant actually. It is saying that there maybe many gods but the LORD He is THE GOD!  Allelujah!  Amen!
This verse is taken from the account in 1Kings where Elijah comes up against the prophets of Baal. When Elijah calls down the fire from heaven he proves that the LORD is the God, as he was victorious over the prophets of Baal. And when that happened–“All the people saw it, they fell on their faces and they said “the LORD He is the God, the LORD He is the God”

There is no one or nothing that is more powerful than the LORD for He truly is the One True God.  Praise Him this week as you cheer for Him daily repeating this week’s verse to yourself or anyone you might choose to share it with.

If you would like you can Print the memory verse out in a card format to post to your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car visor, or other place that would keep it in your daily vision.
It will help to remind you to memorize it as you go through your day and also could be a great tool in sharing with others who might.

Blessings to you daily.

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