Update 01-05-19

Hello Fellow Memorizers:

We have come to an end of our latest “53 Weekly Memory Verses”.
It is hard to believe that we have memorized 53 scriptures, but it has been a year since we began.

I hope all of you have enjoyed the weekly verses and have been blessed by memorizing them.

Our next weekly memorization program will begin next week on January 12.
It is titled “Names of God” and will go for many weeks.
We will be memorizing verses that show the many different characters of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Each week we will be blessed to learn the many Names of God and commit them to our memory.

I hope you will join us for this.  And do share this information with others you know that might be interested, so they can join us also.

Blessings to you daily, and if you want to go back and reflect on the 53 verses that we memorized over the year, just visit this link to see them all listed.   https://smilegodlovesyou.org/ScriptMem/memory-verse-cards/52-weeks-of-memory-verses/

SGLY Ministry