I AM Exodus 3:14
And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ”
Exodus 3:14 NKJV

I AM is God’s name showing He always was, always is, and always will be present.  As you memorize this verse this week pause to praise Him for being our great I AM, the One who is always present.



A to Z Book by Book Scripture Memorization–Ezekiel 12:25

This Week’s Memory Verse: Ezekiel 12:25 NKJV
“For I am the LORD. I speak, and the word which I speak will come to pass;….”

This Week’s Message:
This week’s memory verse comes from the book of Ezekiel, the book of which tells of God’s anger and judgment upon Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations.
Ezekiel, is called to be God’s prophet, to speak God’s words to a rebellious people. Many times throughout this book we read ” Thus says the Lord God”.

God’s word is powerful, When God speaks His words create. When God speaks His word always comes to pass. We can trust in God’s word, it is always true.
This week’s verse was spoken to Ezekiel to give to the people of Israel, but it is a verse that we, God’s people, can claim for ourselves this day, for any word God speaks
is true and relevant.

Therefore, memorize this verse, ponder it and consider if God has spoken a word to you recently or in the past. If what He spoke has not yet come to pass in your life,
trust that it will, for this verse tells us that what God speaks “will come to pass”. Also, know that what God has spoken throughout His word the Bible will all come to pass
in His perfect timing.

If you would like you can Print the verse out in a card format to post to your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, car visor, or other place that would keep it in your daily vision.
It will help to remind you to memorize it as you go through your day and also could be a great tool in sharing with others who might see it.

Memorize this week trusting in God’s word and be comforted.

©SGLY Ministry

Fear Not Scripture–Genesis 46:3

Genesis 46:3This Week’s Memory Verse:
And he said, I am God, the God of thy father: fear not to go down into Egypt; for I will there make of thee a great nation: Genesis 46:3 KJV

This Week’s Message:
I am El (Mighty God) the God (Elohiym–the One True God, Jehovah) fear not.

In this verse God is telling Jacob three things:

  1. that he should not fear because He, God, is the same God that Jacob’s father, Isaac knew, loved, trusted and followed. God was in a sense telling Jacob to recall how He, God, had always been there for Jacob and his father Isaac in the past and that he would always be there now for Jacob.
  2. God was telling Jacob where to go in the present time–He was giving Jacob direction for his life.
  3. God was telling Jacob what He was going to do for him in the future. God was promising Jacob the same thing He had promised his father, Isaac.

God was showing Jacob He was there for him in the present just as He had been in the past and would be in the future. Jacob should not fear, but just trust God.

I feel this verse has a lot to teach us today. I feel God could also be speaking this to us believers as well. He is saying “Trust Me” I am Mighty God, the One True God, Jehovah, have no fear, I will direct your paths, I will show you where to go. I have plans for you for the future and they are good plans.

Let’s memorize this verse and repeat it to ourselves daily as a reminder that God is with us, just as He was with Jacob.

Blessings to you daily,

SGLY Ministry

Fear Not Scripture–Genesis 26:24

Genesis 26:24This Week’s Scripture:
And the LORD appeared unto him the same night, and said, I am the God of Abraham thy father: fear not, for I am with thee, and will bless thee, and multiply thy seed for my servant Abraham’s sake. Genesis 26:24 KJV

This Week’s Message:
In this verse we see the LORD having a conversation with Isaac, the son of Abraham.

The LORD (Jehovah=One True God)–I AM–The God of Abraham–Says:
“Fear Not”

Why?–Because of His Covenant Promise He says: “I am with thee, I will bless thee, I will multiply thy seed”
The LORD is telling Isaac that He is his provider and protector in the present and in the future.
He is guaranteeing Isaac that He remembers His Covenant that He made with Abraham and that He intends to keep His promise.

Well, believers, in Christ we can claim this verse for ourselves because Galatians 3:29 says:

“And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

Therefore, let’s memorize this verse and claim it’s goodness.
For in Christ, the LORD is our God, He is with us, He will bless us, and He will multiply our seed as well.

Give Him thanks and praise, for who He is! And give thanks and praise for who we are in Christ!

©SGLY Ministry